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Approach and Methodology

WebyKraft Technologies understands that software development process is customer oriented and a software engineered with the best technology is non productive if its not user friendly. WebyKraft Technologies believes that Customer Satisfaction is the key to successful software development. At Webykraft Technologies, we strive to meet International Standards and to ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction.

WebyKraft Technologies follows the Waterfall Method, a top-down development model composed of independent phases executed sequentially.Waterfall model emphasizes on completion of one development phase before proceeding to the next.


The phases of the development life cycle are:–

1. System Requirement Analysis
The process starts with collecting information from the clients of the proposed system. The goal of this phase is to understand the requirements, the objective and the obstacles for the system.

2. System Analysis & Design
Analysis and Design are crucial phases in the development life cycle. The system’s overall structure is defined and a logical system of the software product is created in this phase.

3. Code Generation
Based on the type of application, appropriate programming language is chosen and development process begins. The logical system designed is now translated into machine instructions.

4. Testing
Once the code is generated, the software system is evaluated to detect bugs committed during the previous stage. The identified bugs are then rectified and the system is delivered to the client on completion of this stage.