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Web Application Development

Web Application is a collection of interconnected web pages maintained as a single entity. It is an application stored on a website and is delivered over the internet. The key feature of web application is the ability to update or maintain without having to distribute and install software at every individual client. Web Applications establish a one to one relationship with the user and allows them to edit, manipulate and permanently store data on the web server.


WebyKraft Technologies has a team of competent developers accustomed with the coding standards and technologies involved in developing robust web application. We develop flexible solutions that are easy to use and maintain. We follow a well defined development model assuring proper execution of application development. Right from System Requirement Analysis to Test planning and Maintenance, we ensure that every phase of development is accomplished with delicate care and perfection. We maintain proper communication with the clients, keeping them aware of the progress. Clients always take the key decisions at critical milestones throughout the entire development phase. They are never in for a surprise and they get what they want.